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In Her Care preschool is geared towards kindergarten readiness, from teacher directed circle time which incorporates partial language immersion (basic spanish words) while also intriguing their imagination with stories music reading and so much more. We seek to hone in on classroom skills such as: raising hands, listening skills, attention span, memory, vocabulary, following directions and comprehension skills.

In her Care encourages independent learning through the role of learning centers where the children are free to choose and roam from center to center at their own pace.  Each Learning center allows the child to embark on different adventures where their motor skills, sensory skills, creativity and confidence are enhanced each and everyday.

We understand the use of vocabulary, gestures, and objects, and how they impact learning skills in terms of where things are kept, placed and organized.  In Her Care also recognizes how children show preferences of likes and dislikes, behavior management, community, and sharing.

We enjoy watching and participating in childcare and the growth that takes place in children as they age. We hope to experience such growth and excitement with your children and family. Thank you for considering “In Her Care” we look forward to meeting with you and your children.


We appreciate you visiting our website, feel free to call email or text.  We look forward to hearing from you and aiding you in the wonderful journey of parenting.

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